Sunday, August 25, 2019

Management Information Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Management Information Systems - Essay Example The essay "Management Information Systems" talks about the development of a new system for the ABC Company. This company is computer hardware manufacturer that carry out product for larger scale orders. The overall management and handling of such huge orders are difficult through the manual order processing approach.This information system will be used as an information management system of the overall organizational data. This system will conduct an online transaction and store the dealing and transaction data on the company’s central database. After that this data will be used to access the overall sales analysis. We will derive monthly or periodic report for the analysis of the overall business position. This system will facilitate in managing the overall products sales and deals regarding the corporate online transactions. Here we will be able to access and retrieve the overall quality of the stock and its current level because in any online transaction the stock status is really necessary for the handling of dealing. This product and stock information will provide a great facility for stock management. Here we will assign a product code to each project and through that code, we will easily retrieve the product information for the better management of the stack. This system will be an online system. We will create an organizational management module. This module will facilitate only to organizational executives to view, manage and handle online products, stock, sales and other organizational information.

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