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Local national and International Economic Conditions Affecting the Industry

The Saudi Arabia royal embassy in the Washington dc is highly likely to be affected by a number of different national and international impacts and changing conditions. Most importantly, it should be remembered that the Saudi Arabia tends to be one of the most important oil exporter to the US. As a result relations and trade between the two countries due to the increasing amount of oil trade often tends to be peaceful and cordial if not always warm. It should be noted that when locally speaking, the territory of Saudi Arabia is owned and controlled by the Arabs in general and by the royal kingdom comprising of the kings in particular. In other words, in contrast to a democratic leadership which is most often followed, Saudi Arabia follows its monarchy. This may mean that the two countries have, politically speaking very little in common. This may mean that the background setting in which the relations have to built up between the two nations may be somewhat problematic. Apart form this, it should also not be forgotten that in a number of cases, Saudi Arabia is mostly comprised of Arab population. Moreover, most of the Arabic population of Saudi Arabia tends to be Muslims. In such a case the strain and coldness in the relations may often be even more than the usual. Apart form this, the fact that Saudi Arabia uses the sharia form of government also implies that unlike the US and the other western nations, the similarities and the relations that the two countries may have are more distanced then assumed to be. Therefore, in these circumstances, Saudi Arabia and US relations may be difficult to manage out properly. The number of embassies formed, including the Saudi Arabian embassy formed at Washington plays a phenomenal role in improving the relations the two countries have. It should be remembered that relations between countries are most often based upon the common concerns of the two countries. It should be remembered that the US and Saudi Arabia share a common concern regarding the oil exports and imports, regional security and sustainable development. These facts lead to a need for there to being an embassy and were one of the reasons which may have initially leaded to the development of the royal embassy at Washington dc. Moreover, the Middle East peace process and the gulf issue also imply that the international relations improved and consequently had a positive impact upon the embassy of Saudi Arabia. The embassy as also affected by a number of international events. One of such events happens to be the increasing amount of post 9/11 and including the 9/11 attacks on the US. all these events and following the fact that most of the individuals involved in the terrorists attacks were Muslims and Saudi Arabians meant that the Saudi Arabian embassy has to face a great deal of criticism from the public and also to some extent from the US government. Not only this, but the Saudi Arabian legislations and the system of law also imply that the Saudi embassy in the US has to have an increasing amount of troubles. One of the examples of such an event tends to be the one which occurred on 26th June, 2010. This was when a Canadian woman was not allowed to leave Saudi Arabia due to the strict Saudi law which implied that no women can leave or travel anywhere without the authorization of a male guardian. Since, the husband of the Canadian woman, named Nathalie was not willing to give the required authorization, her condition after being help as a hostage continued deteriorating. Following this event there was a great deal of protest and chaos by the local citizens of the US outside the US embassy. Therefore, it can be seen from these instances as to how the embassy of the Saudi Arabian government has to deal with the variety of changing circumstances and conditions due to events at both local, national as well as on international levels. Factors affecting the increase in demand and supply analysis along with the cost structure It should not be forgotten that just like many other industries, even the Saudi Arabian embassy set up at the US tends to be an industry set up as a result of there being an increase in the demand for it. More recently, the increase in the demand for the embassy in particular has been so due to the desires for an increasing amount of investments which the members of the Saudi Arabia wish to do so in the US. Consequently, the embassy actively seeks to allow for conditions which could allow for the demand of the Saudi Arabians to wish to invest into the US to be satisfied easily. Thus, the Saudi embassy sets to provide for a means by which investors wishing to invest in the US should do some with a greater ease. However, there needs to be a clearer analysis to identify the reason why there has been such an increase in the demand for investing in the US. Perhaps one of the most important reasons why this has occurred has been due to the increasing population of Saudi Arabia. This has allowed for a greater deal of prospects which were previously not looked upon to, to being identified. Another reason why there has been such an increase is also due to the government policies and regulations. Now and then, the Saudi government has been encouraging a number of individuals from all over Saudi Arabia to come and invest in the agencies and thereby maximize as much of the profits as it is possible for them to do so. Another important reason for such an increasing demand for the embassy also tends to be due to the growth in the member of individuals from Saudi Arabia wishing to visit the US. These visits vary in their types, ranging from being pure business to being for tourism perhaps for the reason of emigration. Thus, these embassies serve to help the individuals who wish to visit or are visiting the US with their travel. Apart from this, there has also been an increase in the demand for the Saudi embassy due to the need of the locals of the US to visit Saudi Arabia. These visits may be again for business and may also b for tourism. Perhaps one of the most important reasons why people from the US may visit Saudi Arabia also tends to be for the religious purposes of pilgrimage which all the Muslims may wish o perform for once in their entire life. These factors may therefore lead to a greater demand for the Saudi embassy in Washington DC. When looking at the supply analysis of the industry it is important to note that the supply for the service is primarily dependant upon the state policies of both the US as well as that of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, provided there being good trading conditions and a belief of having strong and cordial relations probably implies an increase in the industry service. On the other hand if there are better conditions then the embassy may experience it being un able to provide for the required services. These factors along with the official budget to be allocated on foreign relations and the economic stability thereby, affects and impacts the cost structure of the state as well. Key embassies in the industry There are numerous embassies set all around the world in order to promote diplomatic relations between the various countries where they have been set up. it is important to note that their various locations and set up have an important impact on the type of relations that have been or are intended for the country. One of the key embassies of the world is the US embassy set up in Iraq. This embassy is the largest and perhaps also one of the most expensive embassies of the world. The location of the embassy has been set up at the green zone. Note that the green zone in Iraq is the most important and commercial area which had and still continues to be the most important of all the zones in Iraq. Note that the way the embassy has been set up reflect the increasing amount of power and domination which the US wants and has portrayed on Iraq. t should also be seen that the fact that there are so many facilities and the fact that the embassy is so large has been indented to do so to show how important and powerful the US continues to be in Iraq. Another such important agency is the Israeli agency set up is the Israeli agency in the US at the Washington DC. The agency has been built up to strengthen the cordial relations between the US and Israel. This perhaps tends to be one of the most important reas ons why the agency has been taken so much care of and has been provided with the utmost level of security. Looking at the se two embassies we can make an analysis in relation to their strengths and weaknesses. It is important to note hat when talking of the US embassy that has been set up in Iraq, the embassy tends to be fully guarded and protected. Note that the Israeli embassy in the US has the same strength. This implies that the importance that the US embassy gets is one of its important strength. Apart from this, however, the type of relations that the government tends to have with the embassy is also an important factor that can be both the strength and the weakness of the embassy. Cultural and ethical dimensions There are an increasing amount of cultural and ethical issues that these embassies have and run according to. In particular when speaking of the ethical and the cultural dimensions of the industry of embassies should be noted that the basic policies concerning g the human rights for most of the industry remain the same. Thus, the industry as a whole may be favoring the basic human right of there being the freedom f speech and the need for an individual to live freely without being harmed by anyone. Apart from this, the charges against harming others for instance theft, robbery, kidnapping or the murder of others is also the same in most of the embassies held all over the world. Apart from this, a number of other issues for instance the use of hard drugs or alcohol may also tend to be more or less the same. There may be a slight deal of variation however depending upon the type of country and its local population and policies. For instance, many Muslim countries may put a ban or may discourage alcohol use. Part from these policies one can also look at other ethical issues like those of abortion, prostitution, euthanasia as well as that of same sex marriages. In all these cases, the type of country and the population may determine weather or not such practices are allowed or not. For instance, in Canada same sex marriages have been allowed in recently perhaps due to the local policies and needs. Another important issue to look upon is the cultural dimension. In this case again it should be noted that each of the embassies take and make a great deal of effort to promote the local culture as much as possible. However, there may be cases when there is in fact no culture at all like it does in the case of the US whose culture is nothing but a melting pot of a variety of cultures. Constraints/threats The Saudi embassy which has been set up in the US has been facing an increasing amount of constraints and threats. Most of these arise out as a result of the changing relations and policies of the US as well as that of the Saudi Arabia. In this case, note that as it had been highlighted before on, these changing relations are a major indicator of where the embassy will head to. For instance, post 9/11 events implied a major threat to the embassy. However, as soon as the government of the Saudi Arabia condemned these acts of terrorism the constraints on the industry loosened. Therefore, the changing relations of the two countries have a great deal of impact on the embassy. Another important constraint that the embassy has is also that of the changing oil prices and the relative impact that the US-Saudi relations tend to have. Therefore, it should be noted that the changing economic and political setup have a great deal of impact on the embassy and acts as a major treat or constraint to it Opportunities Looking at the opportunities, it should be noted that the major trade and the increasing demand for oil provides for a new dimension to the embassy and acts as a growing opportunity. apart from this, the increasing level o investments that have been carried out and are likely to increase in the future by the Saudis to the US and vice versa acts as another important means of growing opportunity and prospects for the industry. Effectiveness it should be noted that even after an increasing deal of problems and threats, the fact that the relationship between the US and the Saudi government have still managed to hold on and manage cordial relationships with a great deal of diplomacy is an important factor which shows how effectively the Saudi government and the agency has managed to deal with most of it's problems. Embassies culture and ethics It is important to note that the Saudi embassy traces its culture and ethics form the cultural and the ethical heritage of Islam. In particular looking at the many qualities which individuals at the time of the advent of Islam had, it can be seen how the Saudi embassy seeks to promote those cultural and ethical dimensions. These include the muslin qualities of bravery, hospitality, respect for the elders and humility. In addition to this, Saudi Arabia seeks to promote peace and serenity just like the way it had been taught to them by Islam. Apart form this, when looking at the cultural aspects, trade form an important part of their culture and the embassy of the Saudi Arabia seek to promote trade on an extensive way all around the world.

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Myth of Model Family

Myth of the Model Family The image of the model family is breathtaking, a housewife-mother, a breadwinner father, a couple of kids and a pet or two. This is the dream of most Americans but at the same time is a cliche. â€Å"The â€Å"traditional† family†¦ has existed for little more than two hundred years† (18). This idea has been so widely accepted due to the attention that it has received in the media. Like Gary Soto in â€Å"Looking for Work† the perfect family misleads people into thinking what is truth and what is fiction.Of course the truth is that there is no such thing as the â€Å"perfect† family. One family cannot represent all the variation of families all around the world. The universal nuclear family is the same with the stay-at-home mother, the breadwinner father, a couple of children and maybe a pet or two. Preferably, people would like to see what a family should be or act like, but not everyone is the same. Each and every culture is different, with each of them having there own definition or idea of what the model family is like.In Soto’s â€Å"Looking for Work† the story is about a child's expectance of a family life filled with love and comforts, which is contrast with his real working class family life. In the story Soto, back at the age of nine, dreams to live is a life where his family is straightforward in there routine. Soto lived in a working class family that had only a breadwinner mother and three children. There was no mention of a father. Over the years there has been the question of who has the authority in an American family. It used to be the male of the family who had the most authority.Over the years, that has slowly changed. As in Soto’s story he lives with his mom and no mention of a dad. Today there are families that have two fathers or two mothers or only one of each and not the other. The idea of the â€Å"perfect† model family is so widely accepted, due to the attention that it receives in the media. So the idea of two fathers, or two mothers, is a rare thing to see on a television show. But who in the media decides what a family is? The media has a lot of influence over what we think a family is.For example, Soto’s idea of his family being perfect came from him watching Father Knows Best. It gave him the idea that there is a certain way a family should act that he â€Å"so much wanted to imitate it† (26). Every one has his or hers own definition of what a family is. Soto’s idea of a family, was given by the media, not his own idea. In Soto’s family there was a difference between the American family and other families. Soto’s family ate â€Å"beans and tortillas in the stifling heat of [the] kitchen† (27). A perfect family would have turkey for dinner and apple pie for desert. Related essay: â€Å"Realism and Expressionism in Death of a Salesman†Like Soto we often see other people’s families differently than we see our own. In other words people can be â€Å"blinded† to the truth of a family. People have said that a person deprived of sight â€Å"see† what the naked eye can’t. Yet they may not have the physical sight but have another kind of vision. The vision of seeing what they want to see. Many Americans only see what they want to see and not what is really there. This in turn goes back to the media who gives us this picture of what is and what should be rather than what really is.In conclusion the perfect family is nothing other than a dream that Americans have. The dream if not having to worry about the image that they give off or the way they act. Ultimately there are many myths about the perfect family, but it is up to the person to choose whether to follow some ones vision of a family, or to follow their own views of a family. One way or another a family is a family, no matter the family members because each family is special or â€Å"perfect† in their own way.

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The Evolution of Racial Inequality

Miranda Larrin History 105-14 March 13th 2013 The Evolution of Racial Inequality On a day to day basis, humans interact with one another, despite of their race or ethnic descent. However, that is not the way it has always been. Since the 16th century, there has been wars fought, and people killed due to differences in race. Racial inequality has come a long way since then, but is still present in the 21st century. Most societies deny that racial inequality is still present today, but the fact of the matter, it is.The term â€Å"race† is used to define a single human being. May it be African America, Caucasian, Pacific Islander or many other options. On job applications, doctor and dental forms, college applications and many other forms of documents, society is forced to check a box that identifies them. The question of the matter is what does it matter? The term â€Å"race† came from racism itself. Dating back to the 16th century segregation has played a key role in his tory. Not only for the United States, but worldwide.When societies began to see differences in cultures, such as having that different skin color, different foods or different languages, the different communities formed hatreds for others who were labeled as â€Å"different†. This began the racist movement that we still see today. Groups began having different names or titles which is now considered a race of people. Since the sixteenth century, race and racial inequality has changed in multiple ways. For example, in 1904 the European powers began taking over southern Africa where the ethnic group Herrera’s resided.The Europeans began moving the Herrera’s to concentration camps to kill them, all for land. In the 1940’s Hitler wanted to form a new order of Nazi Germany. He did this by forcing the Jewish, African Americans, and any other race that was not European or at the least resembled European decent to concentration camps. Just like the Herreraâ€℠¢s the majority of those placed in these camps were killed. However, Hitler did not do this for power or land; he did this to form a perfect land. He wanted everyone to be what he considered perfect, white, blonde, and had blue eyes. Jumping over to America, slavery of theAfrican American race and sometimes the Indian race, were shipped to America in the 16th century and up until the 19th century, these people were forced to work. Unlike the European power, America’s goal of this group was not to exterminate them, but to use them as work. The African Americans had many rules and restrictions that prevented them from living a normal and equal life as the whites. We also forbid them from displaying for sale at the market or from carrying to private houses for sale of any commodity, was on rule for the slaves that was established under Code Noir.Slavery was made illegal after the American Civil war in the 1860’s. However, The climax of the history of racism came in the tw entieth century. This is due to those of different ethnic backgrounds trying to become civilized in society. Crime rates shot up and police brutality rose with aim to those whose race was of African descent. Those races had a nearly impossible time getting jobs which meant they had to live in poor communities. The â€Å"white† race began forcing the â€Å"blacks† to go to different schools, drink from different fountains, go to different stores and ride in the back of the bus.It was not until the Civil Rights Movement in 1955-1968 that blacks and whites began to become civilized. As one can see, racism has manifested itself into world history playing a key role in major wars fought, protests, and mass exterminations. Even though there are no more concentration camps, and slavery has been made illegal, racism is still present today in the 21st century. Today, racism is not as harsh and brutal as it was in the past; it has become more or less a humor. On comedy shows the re is often a â€Å"token† character.Typically this character is African American and is made fun of by the other characters. These jokes are found to be funny and laughed at. The reality is that the jokes made are racist. A common form of humor is a meme. A meme is a typographic joke. Some are of a black man where it is joking about committing a crime; some are of an Asian man who is joking about either the shape of his eyes, or how Asians are said to be smarter than the average person. These memes are found all over the internet and are simply laughed at by all races.The biggest racial inequality argument happens to be racial profiling by police. Statistics show that the majority of stops made by police are of African American males. There have been several reports of police harassing and being unfair to these individuals. However, when an individual of European descent is stopped, they are given a warning if it is their first time and treated fairly. Little wonder that bla ck parents, regardless of class, routinely drill their children in how to act when stopped by the police, something few white parents ever think about.Despite the jokes and the racial profiling, American society fails to recognize racism today, even though it is clearly present. All in all, racial inequality has been a major issue since the 16th century. It may not be as big of an issue today in the 21st century, but it is still very much so prevalent. Racial inequality has come a long way since the 16th century, let alone the 20th century, so it is easy to see an assurance of equality in the future. However, societies such as American must overcome their ignorance of being racist in order for that to happen. BibliographyFredrickson, George. â€Å" Racism, A Short History†. (Princeton University Press) Peabody, Sue. † Slavery, Freedom, and Law in The Atlantic World†. (Boston: Bedfords/St. Martins) Rosenburg, Paul. † Birth Certificates and Unconscious Racismà ¢â‚¬ . (Aljazeera, 11 May 2011) ——————————————– [ 1 ]. Sue Peabody, Slavery, Freedom, and Law in The Atlantic World. (Boston: Bedfords/St. Martins) [ 2 ]. George Fredrickson, Racism, A Short History. (Princeton University Press) [ 3 ]. Paul Rosenburg, Birth Certificates and Unconscious Racism. (Aljazeera, 11 May 2011)

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Organizational communication Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Organizational communication - Research Paper Example Some are of the opinion that it is not as simple as the definition suggest where several multidimensional psychological responses to an individual’s job are involved. Other scholars have noted that measures of employee’s job satisfaction varies in the extent to which feelings concerning job satisfaction are measured (Goodyear Roger et al 1996). Conflict management, on the other hand, conflict management within an organization is a process where the negative aspects are limited while enhancing the positive aspects of the organization. The primary aim of managing conflict within the organization is to improve learning and group performance in the organization. A properly managed conflict enhances group outcomes. As far as communication within Waco Police Department is concerned, communication plays a critical role in the organization since the managers can execute the basic functions of management, i.e. planning, organizing, controlling and leading. Communication assist m anagers to carry out their duties and responsibilities. Communication acts as pillar for planning. All the crucial information have to be communicated to the managers who in turn should communicate the plans so as to implement them. Organizing needs effective communication with others pertaining their jobs. Career development offers opportunities that can mutually benefit both the employees and employers. According to Van, (2000), eemployees who participate in job training, continuing education, and other professional development can acquire and refine new set of skills hence leading to career advancement. In addition, more educated workforce leads to various advantages to the employer. Creating a well-rounded workforce by preparing them to handle the tasks successfully in their roles helps the organization to be more efficient and effective. For instance, cross-training of

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Internet filtering Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Internet filtering - Essay Example This proposal has been viewed as an information policy issue due to the fact that it relates to matters that pertain to restriction of information that is found in the internet. As it basically intends to protect children from viewing pornographic material found in the internet, this aim coupled with the intent to block access of material considered 'illegal' from adults by the government, as well as peer messaging has been identified by opponents of this proposal as a means through which the Australian government is restricting free flow of information. The raging debate has been fired up by the opponents as well as the proponents of this proposal who form the group of major stakeholders playing a part in creation of that filter. These stakeholders include the consumers of the internet network services, the internet providers, activists advocating for the civil rights of humans, politicians within the opposition parties, and the engineers (Price and Verhulst 2005 p76). This proposal has received major resistance from a number of stakeholders. Those who are opposed to it have presented their arguments for their opposition as can be seen below. A great number of internet consumers are opposed to the filter since they are concerned that their accessibility to information needed will be curtailed. Some of the consumers e.g. a radio presenter known as Helen Razer, have expressed their interest in and love for pornography and have expressed their concern that filtering it might limit access to it. Helen acts as a representative for the larger community that enjoys pornography and that which believes its effects are hardly damaging to both adults and children. Consumers are concerned that the information labeled by the government as 'illegal' might infringe on their rights to knowledge since the Australian government has no clear demarcations as to the extent of illegality of internet materials. Engineers e.g. Mark Newton- an engineer dealing with network in Internet Service Provision, have expressed their disapproval, providing technical evidence as to why the system is not viable. They are concerned that speed will be curtailed and that room for default is still present as the internet users can still manage to get access to the filtered information to a lesser degree. The internet providers including iiNet, Telstra as well as Internode have dogged the proposal claiming its lack of viability on the grounds of ethics, technicality and legal considerations. Politicians from the opposition on the other end, for example Dale Clapperton demonstrated their dissatisfaction by stating that there exists some legal and support issues that the Labor party would need to implement before the proposal can be implemented. They claimed the necessity of a new legislation and the support of Australian senate or some kind of major assistance from the internet Industry Association. At the sa me time the Liberals and the Greens have declared their lack of support for the legislation of this proposal. In the real sense, sufficient votes to support the legislation of the filter are lacking and this is a great incapacity on the government's side in its enactment. Activists of the rights of the children who are responsible for the welfare of the children have taken different stands regarding this proposal. Some of them have indicated their lack of

Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 4

Education - Essay Example After the final work, you will find the areas in your work I edited. The ideas I added are typed in RED to make you spot the new additions. I have also attached one more article that I used. If your teacher requests for it, you may provide it to him. Thank you and hoping we work again in the nearest future since my field is Education. Isaac #72032 TUI UNIVERSITY Grear Dale III MAE 515 MOD 3 SLP Dr. Xiaoying Wu February 21, 2011 Texas Public School System Education is an important aspect of society. In the view of Goer (2007), education has an enormous impact on the human society. It trains the human mind to think and take the right decision. To this effect, human is regarded as a rational being and distinguished from other animals when he is educated to take control of himself and over the environment around him. Education therefore equips humankind with the knowledge to take charge over his immediate environment and make it suitable for his existence. It is for the reason of this im mense impact of education that States all over the world adapt educational systems that will be most suitable to the needs of its citizens and help solve the immediate problems of its people. To ensure that the adapted educational system meets the expectation of society, there are systems put in place to check for success and progress of the entire educational system. Checking for success of the educational system includes checking whether the curriculum answers the most immediate perturbing issues of society and whether stakeholders in the educational system; including students and teachers are living up to the standards of the educational system. The system that is used for checking whether the educational system is up to standard is commonly referred to as assessment. In the State of Texas, the public school system is one of the most esteemed forms of education. Texas’ public school system continues to use a variety of assessments in which to evaluate curriculum and teache rs/instructors. Assessments are conducted by students in determining where their school ranks within districts throughout the state. The rankings are not always used in a positive manner. Some assessments are in an attempt to solicit student enrollment into certain school districts. The State of Texas’ overall intent for its ranking procedure and policies is also used to promote schools as Magnet schools, which is a positive step to improve student outcomes. Magnet schools throughout the state of Texas receive much more funding regular schools. It focuses on special funding for special programs and compensation to teachers/instructors who deliver their curriculum to a certain standard. It is noticeable that the typical standard school receives far less funding and therefore students are less likely to receive the same standard of education. The intent of this analysis is to compare certification programs and evaluation requirements for teachers as well as students within the state of Texas school districts. What is a Magnet School? The article â€Å"Public School Review,† suggest that the difference between a Magnet and regular public schools â€Å"is that they usually have something special to offer over a regular school, which makes attending Magnet schools an attractive choice to many students, thereby increasing the diversity of the student population within them.† (Chen, 2007) Students who are privileged to enroll in Magnet schools

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Recycled Toothbrushes Make Sense Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Recycled Toothbrushes Make Sense - Essay Example The great advantage to Recycline is that they get raw materials for production at free cost in partnering with Stonyfield Farm. It is cost-effective and time saving as it eases the efforts made on collecting raw-materials through this partnership deal. An array of techniques can be applied for the sales promotion of these recycled products. In the current business scenario people are exceedingly influenced or affected by the power of advertisement. The celebrities appear in advertisements have an intangible influence on people as they attract public to the respective products. So deploying contemporary celebrities will certainly increase the sales. Announcing special offers on product sale is an emerging trend these days which Hudson can also implement as one of his marketing tactics. In addition to product offers, giving price reduction during special events can also promote sales at a considerable range. It is very difficult for a firm to withstand in the modern business world without being highly competitive. As the business trends change, business policies should also be changed. For this, entrepreneur must be up to date with appropriate strategies to meet the challenges of market fluctuations. Since consumer based marketing is the core of current businesses, the company can launch regional outlets in order to be available the products as and when required by consumers. House door delivery is also a suggestive method. The company can also make use of Information Technology to provide services to customers and collect feedbacks from them. At the same time company should maintain quality of the

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Water Related Research and Q&A Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Water Related and Q&A - Research Paper Example The water is normally collected in wells and springs. Mineral water can also be classified as spackling; this is water that contains natural gases or water that is carbonated artificially with carbon dioxide (Olien 46). Sparkling mineral water usually contains magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium, this are the most common minerals found in the ground. Other mineral; water may contain other minerals such as, copper chromium, selenium and other minerals. All these minerals are important for health. Spring water us water that is harvested from natural springs, unlike the many forms of bottled water in the market today, natural spring water has a considerable amount of minerals is bottled directly at the site. Spring water is water that has moved from an underground water source to the surface. The water is considered free of impurities and contaminants; the water is not subjected to the modern filtration techniques (Olien 45). Running city, municipal tap water, is water that is delivered to the homes of many area residents; the water is supplied through a tap placed inside the workplace or inside the household. This technology in plumbing had enabled the delivery of clean water to homes and businesses. However, this may be mineral water contains impurities such as bacteria, synthetic and organic chemicals. Among the disinfectants used to purify, tap water is chlorine. Chlorine leaves many organic materials like halo acetic acid among many others in the water (Moreaux 78). This water has been removed of any impurities using the modern methods of purification. Water can be purified using many processes, reverse osmosis, microfiltration, ultra filtration, electro dialysis, carbon filtration and ultraviolet oxidation (Moreaux 78). This is an excavation in the ground that is made through digging, boring or drilling in order to access the water in the ground the water can then be drawn using pump or containers

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Article review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Review - Article Example Undoubtedly, injustice in small parts of region for women continues to plague society. The lack of participation in political and economic aspects of women in these rural areas continues to be one of the major obstacles of progressivism. Wright insists that feminist scholars distinguish sex form gender through discourse. While Gender is learned and adapted, the theory behind sexual difference is varied from cultures to cultures. The idea of gender â€Å"norms† is the critical point that is the catalyst towards the feminist theory itself. The issue of sexism is also correlated with racism as these issues embodied the form of political and social pains that plague that American society. Wright elaborates that the nature of feminist progressivism stems from women’s literature. Feministic writers are vital components towards the advancement of the movement itself. Furthermore, one cannot refute the power of writing that feminist scholars emphasize on their works of justice. The critical component that appeals to injustice is emotion. Women throughout the world that have faced oppression, inequality, injustice appeal through emotion.

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Legal, Safety and Regulatory Requirements Essay Example for Free

Legal, Safety and Regulatory Requirements Essay This paper examines the impact of legal, safety and the regulatory requirements of the human resources development in an organization. This aspects look at the rights of the employee and the employer and how they are secured. This human resources process affects the lawful, well-being, and governing guidelines inside a business while the privileges of those employers and workers are protected by the U. S. Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the Department of Homeland Security. The employee-related regulations are to guard the privileges of a company and worker. The U. S. Department of Labor gives organization an excellent effective setting and reduces employment ratios by offering development within the organization. The human resources areas have to commit to having current rules and guidelines for salaries and times worked. And human resources management has to guarantee all personnel whether United States residents or non-United States mindful of any material may possibly be related (United States Department of Labor, 2011). According to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 states it is unlawful to differentiate a capable individual with a disability. The law states it is prohibited to react against an individual since the individual complained about injustice, filed an allegation of discrimination, or take part in discrimination complaint. It expects that employers fairly provide the known physical or mental restrictions of an otherwise capable individual with a disability who is an applicant or employee, unless doing so would force an undue difficulty on the process of the employers business. The employees of Department of Homeland Security work diligently to preserve the well-being and safety of the United States. They work with municipalities, people, and countries to support them plan for and pull through from emergencies. They evaluate dozens of virtual security statements, and portions of intelligence, continuing continuous communication with specialists all through the country to defend the United States most important buildings and resources. With the legislation of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, Department Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge made a commitment that the new human resources system would be the result of a cooperative and comprehensive process involving supervisors, employees, labor organizations, and a expansive group of participants and specialists from the Federal division and private organization in order to deliver the greatest procedures possible for the employees of Homeland Security. The final guidelines administer to the new human resources for Department Homeland Security is evidence to that commitment The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defends all employees working inside a corporation against discrimination regarding age, disability, sex, national origin, color or race. The human resources organization has to stay in agreement by making sure that all supervisors are extremely capable to properly relate with employees in the process of hiring, training, advancing, and dismissing. This law is enforced by a federal agency, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This law is laid out into three segments that consist of e sexual harassment, affirmative action, and equal opportunity. These three different segments have a huge influence on the human resources division, and the employment process and this department must follow the law. These equal opportunity regulations will guarantee an employee is given an equal opportunity while submitting an application or resume for a position at an organization regardless of race, age, or gender. When looking at affirmative action this process allows an organization to hire individuals which fit in to a certain group of individuals. The sexual harassment process is put into the work environment to guarantee employees both women and men are secured under both federal and state law, sexual harassment can be verbal, physical or both, this type of harassment cannot only affect an employee’s work environment, but more importantly that person emotional well-being. Sexual harassment can make an employee feel uncomfortable coming to work, prevents them from focusing on their tasks work, and they can take that emotional stress home with them. The Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 law makes it unlawful to discriminate against any individual basis on race, color, religion, national origin, or sex. It also makes it unlawful to react hostile to an individual because the individual protested about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination, or participated in a discrimination lawsuit (U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2011). This law also states that supervisors reasonably provide candidates and employees time to hold religious customs, except if doing so would inflict an unnecessary stress on the owners organization. This also goes for the federal government and employment services, and labor establishments, also need to acknowledge the law. The majority of discrimination lawsuits claim a violation of this law. In regards to the statement that, â€Å"Common sense and compassion in the workplace has been replaced by litigation. † I look up the definition and it stated that Common sense is sound practical judgment derived from experience rather than study. And compassion is sympathy for the suffering of others, often including a desire to help (Encarta 1999). Guidelines and procedures are put in place to defend employees and employers. Nevertheless, not all procedures and guideline are for every employee or employer. Every situation is different and has to be approach differently; no two people are the same. A human resources manager has to be able to look at these different situations and make a choice that’s good for the organization employees. Making the right decisions protect the organization from lawsuits. The distress of upsetting employees or possible ligation has caused human resources departments to outline guidelines and procedures.

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Successful Coaching Of Jose Mourinho

Successful Coaching Of Jose Mourinho Jose Mourinho is known as a no-nonsense football coach that carry out his role based his vast experience, supreme knowledge, principal values, valuable opinions and strong beliefs. His coaching philosophy is not only based during field play but also during training. His coaching philosophy during field play is as such: Football possession is not important, (Knowing himself) Winning a football match is more important than playing a nice and good football, (Knowing his strengths) Defending is a team exercise instead of individuals. (Knowing his weakness) He does not expect any egos from his players but only himself. (Knowing himself) As for football training, his coaching philosophy is as following: He emphasize that his players to put in a lot efforts during training, (Knowing his goals) He has detailed a plan, in the beginning of the season, (Knowing his obstacles) He concentrated his football training on tactical idea, this is the backbone of his whole training process. Those tactical ideas includes how to do pressing, when to do pressing, transition, ball possession, positional play, (Knowing athletes ability) Only after tactical training is done, then he will do physical, psychological aspects for the players. (Knowing his athletes weakness) In the nutshell, Jose Mourinhos philosophy of football, he likes to put up a wining team, but not a playing nice football team. Opinions about the use of coaching philosophy to the students A coach is a role model and teacher for his students. He uses his set of principles as a reference to conduct his lesson for his students. With a good philosophy, the coach is able to know himself, know his opponents and know his players, and this helps him to create a realistic, satisfying coaching roadmap for his students. The students will be rewarded in the form of improved performance and even achieve their dreams. Now, Jose Mourinho is in Real Madrid, he using his philosophy to guide Real Madrid to win the next Champion League. Is the coachs philosophy that directs the coachs everyday life thinking and actions? No. As mentioned, many coaches will agree that they will put in more efforts like time and attention to those less skilled players, but in reality only the best players will be get the most playing time, most rewards and attention. However, if there are extra resources, like more than 1 coaches in the team and more than 1 training courts. The team can be splits into small groups like what Jose Mourinho does. The head coach himself will coach the better ones, and the other coaches can train the not so good ones. Coaching Styles Jose Mourinho is more an autocratic, regimented style of coach. He likes the direct involvement with the players, deploying his football methodology, practicing the exercises, and the development of football ideas. He deploys has his own respect agenda, if any of the players dont follow them, they will be asked to leave. Example, Adrian Mutu a Chelsea player, was sacked by him in 2004 when he was found taking cocaine. He likes his players to feel pressured, he made his players to be aware that there is competition in every position in the first eleven. Jose Mourinho has recently became the head coach of Real Madrid, and immediately he has built sleeping quarters to put in at the clubs Valdabebas training facilities, he wants his players to stay at the facility instead of going home after morning and afternoon training sessions. He expects a 100% turn up for both morning and afternoon training including the star players. He had removed the areas designated for player-fan interaction. Players will be expected to train only while at the training facility. He also has insisted that Pedro Leon and Sergio Canales, players purchased from Getafe and Racing Santander respectively, not to be loaned back to their old clubs. Does the coach possess more than a coaching style No, Jose Mourinho is detrimentally rigid. My opinions on his coaching styles. Jose Mourinho is my idol. He is a ruthless, fear-inducing, respect-commanding coach. Even though, he did not become a top player, but he studies football, sports science and methodology, and on reaching a 34 age, he decided to be coach, and to be involved in football. He picked up his football techniques from a very good football instructor in Scotland, Andy Rocburgh, but more importantly he followed and understudied from the 2 legend football coaches, Bobby Robson and Louis van Gaal back in Sporting Libson. Both as manager of FC Porto and Chelsea, Jose Mourinho love to uses 4-5-1 in his football tactics. His tactics is relying on strong defensive line-ups and an good holding midfielder, while the attack, he relied on a hard-working front man and a goal-scorer in midfield. As observed, he is definitely an autocratic coach. He does not like non senses from his players. He is very focus on his job, especially on wining, he works 12 hour a day and he expects his players also. He is self confidence that close to arrogance. He lack of respect to opponent also. The Roles of a Coach The primary role of Jose Mourinho just like any other football coach is to assist his football players in developing to their full potential. He is responsible for training players by analyzing their performance, provide correction in the relevant skills and by providing encouragement, if possible to guide players in their life also. Hence, the coach needs to wear many type of hats, he need to act as instructor, assessor, friend, mentor, facilitator, chauffeur, demonstrator, adviser, supporter, fact finder, motivator, counselor, organizer, planner and the Fountain of all Knowledge. Does the coach behaviour influence the students character? How can the coach help in students character development? Communication Skills techniques in coaching The reasons the coach needs to communicate to his player because he wants to give instruction, disseminate vital information, to tell his players not to make the same mistakes, to motivate the team spirit and to give feedback to his players. Generally, there are only 2 ways that a football coach can communicate to his players on the field, either using verbal or non verbal. In the case of Jose Mourinho, he is able to speak 17 languages and knows when to which language to tell his foreign players in his team what to do. Positive feedback is also needed during coaching sessions, everyone wants to be praised and be recognized, Joes Mourinho always do it by hugging, touching his players heads if they wins the match. During training, Jose Mourinho always split his players into groups based on condition, amount of playing time, so that he can give all players in their training groups same attention. Motivation Skills Jose Mourinho is a good motivator in team-motivated environment. He always emphasize that there is only 1 common goal in the team, it is to win many tropes (extrinsic: material reforcers). All players in the team must support each other until success is achieved (intrinsic), everyone care (intrinsic) for each other until success is achieved. For example, when the team wins a match, he will walk towards the pitch to congratulate all his players, by the act of hugging, touching their heads (extrinsic: social reinforcers). Jose Mourinho said that he likes players who love to win and he wants them to win not in 90 minutes but every day, training session and moment in their lives. Motivation strategies Jose Mourinho, the Special One brought in the togetherness and team spirit for the team under his charge. Below are some the strategies used by him: To develop a healthy environment by promoting humor and entertainment football sessions, e.g he used small-sided games to develop technical, tactical and fitness elements. To share the cup of tea with all team members. Jose Mourinho always seems moving from club to club, and undertakes new teams. When he tells the new team about his past wining trophies experiences of how to beat all obstacles and tough times to reach the final. This will motivate the new team like Real Madrid, and help build an even stronger team. To avoid any kind of disagreement and miscommunication as these can lead hamper the feeling of oneness. As reported, Jose Mourinho hates to speak about players individually, he only reports about team performance.

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Got Those OPEC Blues Again And Rational Exuberance :: essays research papers fc

â€Å"Got those OPEC Blues Again† and â€Å"Rational Exuberance† SUMMARY Since March of 1999, when the price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil was at $13 a barrel, we have seen a steady increase in prices in all phases of the economy. OPEC, the organization that is largely responsible for setting production goals in the Middle East, was under fire to find ways to increase prices. OPEC members at this time â€Å"pledged to cut back the supply of crude and push oil prices higher.† (Business Week, 48) The results were better than most expected: crude oil prices were almost $27 a barrel on November 23, 1999, the highest price since the 1991 Gulf War. (Business Week, 48) The demand for oil is outpacing current supply by 2.8 million barrels, causing some in Congress to push for relief by tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. (Business Week, 49) The rapid increases in prices have had a welcome effect on â€Å"Big Oil†, however. Companies such as BP Amoco, Chevron and Royal/Dutch Shell Group have posted 15% increases in earnings (Busines s Week, 49) This trend is expected to continue, with L Bruce Lanni, an analyst at CIBC World Markets Inc. noting, â€Å"I see clear sailing ahead for the next two to three years.† (Business Week, 49) â€Å"Happy days are here again!† This quote, noted by Jodie Allen of U.S. News and World Report, refers to the booming U.S. economy. (Allen, 71) The stock market, as of November 8, 1999 was flying high, posting strong gains, prompting inflationary fears and a hard once-over of the situation by Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. However, the numbers are extraordinary. The Gross Domestic product surged at an annual rate of 4.8% in the third quarter of 1999. The employment cost index, which measures total compensation paid to workers in a broad sampling of jobs, rose by 3.1 percent over the past 12 months. (Allen, 71) But, cautions Princeton economist Alan blinder, â€Å"this is a change in the measurement system, not in the reality.† (Allen, 71) Still, he concedes, â€Å"the underlying reality was looking good even in the older data.† (Allen, 71) Even in this seemingly booming economy, Greenspan warns â€Å"It is not clear† whether interest rate hikes the Federal Reserve has already made will suffice to prevent overheating of the economy (Allen, 71) APPLICATION In the case of OPEC’s decision to cut supply to raise prices, it is clear that all sectors of the economy will be affected in some way.

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Confucius-Summary Essay -- essays research papers

Confucius-Summary   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Master Kung, also known as Kung Fu-tzu is known to be the Confucius of the west. He is one of the most well known philosophers in Chinese history. Confucianism has evolved so much over the years that no one knows the original thoughts of the master. Master Kung established a tradition of cultural values. Confucius wanted to attain a position in government so he could influence the ruler, thus helping him make wiser decisions. He was appointed to a governmental position in Lu but it was brief. So he traveled the neighboring states hoping to attain another position, and he did but he often spoke his mind when he shouldn’t have and was forced to leave again. When he returned home he realized that through his teaching he would be able to affect the people more. Confucius taught that all human affairs were structured by five relationships: father and son, husband and wife, elder and younger brother, ruler and official, and friend and friend. He had a major emphasis on the family be cause three of these relationships focus on the family. Confucius was more of a summarizer and rephraser of truths than an original thinker. He focused on the relation of human being to human being and the relation of governor to governed. Confucius Life Confucius is described, by Sima Qian and other sources, as having endured a poverty-stricken and humiliating youth and been forced, upon reaching manhood, to undertake such petty jobs as accounting and caring for livestock. Confucius surname Kong (which means literally an utterance of thankfulness when prayers have been answered), his tabooed given name Qiu, and his social name Zhongni, all appear connected to the miraculous circumstances of his birth. We do not know how Confucius himself was educated, but tradition has it that he studied ritual with the Daoist Master Lao Dan, music with Chang Hong, and the lute with Music-master Xiang. At the age of fifty, when Duke Ding of Lu was on the throne, Confucius' talents were recognized and he was appointed Minister of Public Works and then Minister of Crime. But Confucius apparently offended members of the Lu nobility who were with Duke Ding for power and he was subsequently forced to leave office and go into exile. In any case, by most t raditional accounts, Confucius returned to Lu in 484 BCE and spent the remainder of his life teaching,... ...e to physical force, such ‘virtue’ also enabled the ruler to maintain good order in his state without troubling himself and by relying on loyal and effective deputies. The way to maintain and cultivate such royal ‘virtue’ was through the practice and enactment of li or ‘rituals’—the ceremonies that defined and punctuated the lives of the ancient Chinese aristocracy.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Confucius Sayings   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Confucius was a man who talked about the virtues and principles of life dealing with family, government, and work. These concepts were often reflected in his quotes. These are a few to ponder the mind: 1.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have. 2.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  It is not possible for one to teach others who cannot teach his own family. 3.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  He who merely knows right principles is not equal to him who loves them. 4.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  If you enjoy what you do, you'll never work another day in your life. 5.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.

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Where Have You Gone, Joshua Chamberlain? :: Free Essays Online

Where Have You Gone, Joshua Chamberlain? To some, it may be considered a minor inconvenience. To others, a drawn-out ordeal with annoying aspects, but one they realize will be completed shortly. Yet to some, to a select, elite group of young, paranoid, and, let’s face it, broke, lot of people known as college students, it’s a travesty. An impossibility. An object traveling deep into the Void, never to be seen again. This trip into the parallel universe to which some objects traverse without return is known as: The Loss of a Package Sent by your Parents. It wasn’t a package of cookies -- oh no, it couldn’t be something sweet, simple, and purely meant as a tasty surprise. Nor was it a warm, knit blanket, something to keep me toasty warm during long, cold nights of studying in my fairly-heated dorm room. Mail accidentally sent to my home address instead of my brand-new, thoroughly unfamiliar college address it was not. It was a package of books, hand-picked by my dad, for my first college presentation, discussing the life of a Civil War general, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. My father is somewhat of a self-taught expert on the subject. A man who has been that annoying voice in the back of a group tour, constantly asking questions and making comments (this â€Å"he-usually-makes-fun-of-this-person† day took place at the Joshua Chamberlain Museum in Brunswick, Maine). A man who has scoured every remote bookstore location in Maine, searching, praying, for another addition to his collection of scores of books concerning the late, great Joshua Chamberlain and the 20th Maine. This past summer, he hit the jackpot. While walking in Freeport, Maine, land of the wondrous L.L. Bean store, my father stumbled upon a small shanty of a store with a meager painted sign which read: â€Å"BOOKS: 20TH MAINE.† With bated breath, my dad entered the store. And there, among rows of Civil War memorabilia, regiment flags and extremely overpriced bronze replicas of battles such as Little Round Top, Dan Beaulieu found heaven. To this day, I wonder if he breathed once in that store, for fear that a puff of air might blow away his Holy Grail of bookstores. After a very exciting hour of buying T-shirts with inspiring quotes

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5 Stages of Team Development – Summary

Five Stages of Team Development December 17, 2012 Abstract This paper will evaluate the five stages of team development; Forming stage, Storming stage, Norming stage, Performing stage and Adjourning stage. â€Å"Building effective, cohesive teams has never played such a pivotal role in a company’s success as it does today†. PI Worldwide 2010 Retrieved from http://www. piworldwide. com/Solutions/Leadership-Development/Team-Building. aspx on December 17, 2012. Team building is an important part of ensuring success within an organization.All the stages may not be used in every instance, however it is a guideline that, if used correctly, will ensure better communication, decision making, increased productivity and overall success. PI Worldwide 2010 Retrieved from http://www. piworldwide. com/Solutions/Leadership-Development/Team-Building. aspx on December 17, 2012. I will evaluate each stage and compare it with real-life experiences to show how effective this system can be. Forming Stage The forming stage is where a group of people come together to work on a project.In this initial stage of team development the members take a more formal approach to how they communicate with each other, â€Å"there would be no clear idea of goals or expectations†. Management Study Guide 2008-2010 Retrieved from http://www. managementstudyguide. com/team-development. htm on December 17, 2012. This stage reminds me of a project I was chosen to be part of. A group of us were chosen to develop a plan of action geared toward increasing patient satisfaction in the hospital, due to poor results from a survey taken.During this Forming stage, we took the time to get to know each other’ what our strengths were, and by doing this we were able to create a mission statement for the team and begin our creative process. Storming Stage â€Å"The storming stage of team development is a period of high emotionality and tension among group members† â€Å"Organizatio nal Behavior† (Schermerhorn J 2012,pg. 156). Competition and resistance to the ideas offered by other team members begin to occur in this stage. Everyone wants their own ideas or that of their friend to be chosen.In my experience with team work, this stage is where member began to become more relaxed and sure of themselves, throwing ideas on the table and thinking their ideas are the best ones. Norming Stage In this stage, members start to remember the reason they are there and re-focus on the task at hand. â€Å"While enjoying a new sense of harmony, team members will strive to maintain positive balance† â€Å"Organizational Behavior† (Schermerhorn J 2012, pg 156). Members begin to feel like they have perfected the ability to work in groups at this time, developing a premature sense of accomplishment.At this stage my team started putting a plan in place to revamp how patients are treated during their hospital visits. Performing Stage In this stage of development , the team becomes more mature and organized. They know what the goals of the team are and work together to achieve success. Team members are able to do their own problem solving since they are sure of themselves and what their duties are. Team members came together and all the ideas that we shared now became a plan of action to improve patient satisfaction at our Hospital’s six facilities. Adjourning StageAt this stage team members learn to come together, get the job done quickly and go about their own business. â€Å"Their willingness to disband when the job is done and to work well together in future responsibilities, team or otherwise, is a long-term test of team success. † â€Å"Organizational Behavior† (Schermerhorn J 2012, pg 157) The five stages of team development really helped me to put the process of team work in perspective. Knowing what these stages all means and represents, gives me a better understanding of how to organize projects and what stage we are at in any given project.

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Industrial Sociology Essay

1) Europeans-particularly Germans have permanent `Voice `inside the firm, the company for which they work, while American workers have a `Voice` (When they have, hence not permanently) only outside the firm, the Company. Co-determination, practiced within Germany from 1951, implies the model where workers have a role to play in company management. Workers are entitled to playa role in workplace management as well as in the management of the entire firm through chosen board delegates. This principle also applies in Luxemburg, Austria and Scandinavia and involves worker involvement on both public and private organizations via works committees. Various laws related to worker representation on decision-making boards and works committees govern co-determination in Germany. 1972’s Works Constitution Act governs Worker participation and requires private firms with in excess of 5 permanent workers to have works committees. The firms’ managerial directors and employers are excluded from such committees with such committees coexisting with worker unions. Committee members’ numbers depend on the enterprise size with salaried workers, females and males, and income earners being represented in ratios similar to their respective numbers (http://www. allbusiness. com/management/business-process-analysis/339707-1. html). Employers and Committees work with cooperation and trust to benefit the firm and the workers. Committees as well ought to abide by the law plus defend employee interests. The issue in question determines relative powers. The committee ought to be consulted by the management regarding setting shift durations, rest and overtime periods, employing machines to track worker perfoamce or behavior, establishing performance-based motivation rates, establishing unique compensation plans called for by a restriction of processes, classifying, transferring, dismissal , and hiring workers , organization structures, manpower scheduling, staff management, worker training, and work setting. 976’s Co-determination Act governs Co-determination within the decision making board. It stipulates that decision-making boards have equal stockholder and employee representation in firms with own official identity, and with not less than 2,000 workers. For Firms having 500-2,000 workers, 1952,s Works Constitution Act applies with firms with less than 500 workers exempt form such stipulation. Managerial boards mainly select management boards; they also oversee the running of the firm. Additionally, firm by-laws stipulate that managerial boards be consulted regarding venture decisions, choosing and maintenance of executive personnel, and loans over specific limits. Such managerial board’s sizes are dictated by employee numbers, with 2,000 worker firms having not more than 20 board members with equal stockholder-worker representative representation. Out of the 10 worker representatives, 7 should be the firm’s employees including a minimum of 1 income earner representative, 1 from paid workers, plus 1 senior executive worker. The other 3 positions are taken up by unions having representation in such a firm. American organizations were particularly worried whether such a principle could dictate future labor management relations could be handled. Such a topic is currently even extra crucial when regarded as a constituent of the push towards greater employee involvement and confirmed by the initiation of plans within America like labor-management collaboration, excellence circles, and work-life quality. Within the United States, the dominant impediment is the charitable character of group action where employees determine if they want a union to represent them. Employers may, and usually do, undertake actions to evade unionization. Despite the fact that employees could derive greater benefits from an employee committee, such employees may not want such a concentrated action. US laws do not call fro whatever co-determination features and it questions the validity of issues like work quality life plans. Works committees , unless set up as genuine collective negotiation mediators and set up by persons voting within representation polls, are likely to breach current US labor regulations (ueapme, 2000). In the US, if workers choose union representation, the function of such works committees is essentially displaced by such local unions. Through restricted union jurisdictions, either for whole workplaces or among employees with similar occupational interests, all equally situated employees get represented by one organization. Such, merged with the conventional local US labor union concerns, implies that issues tackled by works committees are usually topics of group bargaining. Local matters tackled by such works committees are like the ones embodied by the US labor pact, however such works committees are based on legally authorized provisions, like dismissals, hiring, pensions and medical insurance, plus union-negotiated financial advantages , from where dialogue on local matters may originate (http://www. llbusiness. com/management/business-process-analysis/339707-1. html). The likelihood of employee involvement ion decision-making boards within America is nearly useless to talk about, because works committees’ analog, is hard to determine. Only in unique circumstances has US management conceded to even a small labor official representation on management boards. Without legal compulsion, the executive is unlikely to consider the co-determination notion. In addition, majority of US labor union leaders do not like such a concept; they believe they are able to represent employees better via conventional bargaining systems (http://www. allbusiness. com/management/business-process-analysis/339707-1. html). 2) Write a review of Jeremy Rifkin, `The Jobs Letter – A Rifkin Reader` available in Google. In his 1994 End of Work , Jeremy Rifkin posits that the world is going into a new era typified by a steady but unavoidable lack of employment. He argues that current global joblessness is at an all time high. Unemployment or underemployment figures are sharply rising as many new candidates face an unusual high-tech revolution where sophisticated machines are rapidly substituting humans in almost all industries and sectors. Such machines include: computers, telecommunication and robotics. Numerous job opportunities, like secretarial, blue-collar jobs, receptionist, clerical, sales clerks, telephone-related, librarian, middle executives, and wholesaler, are gradually being forever lost. Despite the fact that new opportunities are getting created, they mainly are usually temporary and low-paying. The globe, rapidly polarizing into 2 potentially incompatible forces namely: Information Technology elite which manages and controls the ultra-modern world economy; and a growing population of permanently-displaced employees with limited hope and prospects for significant employment. At eh same time, in excess of 15% of US citizens are living under the global poverty line. Rifkin proposes that the world move past the illusion of re-schooling for imaginary jobs and urges for pondering of the absurd, that is getting ready for the reality of phasing out a lot of employment related to manufacture and selling of services and goods. Rifkin states that people should anticipate a novel, post-market period where new official work substitutes have to be invented. Fresh approaches to income plus purchasing ability provision should be applied. Greater emphasis ought to be placed upon the rising third segment to help restore societies and build sustainable nations. An end to work would imply the end of societies, or herald the commencement of some huge social makeover and a renaissance of the human will (http://www. jobsletter. org. z/art/rifkin01. htm). 3. List and explain the `Three Social Deficits` brought about by economic and structural changes Structural and economic modifications lead to social shortfalls such as: absence of economic progress and demand; absence of confidence; and structural issues. Regarding structural issues, unsettled structural issues result to increased costs, such as administration expenses and service costs, for firms, which hinder investment as well as generation of fresh job opportunities. This leads to issues like: increased structural financial plan shortfalls; reduced labor market reorganization development; unconstructive motivation from social security systems, which prevent workers from taking fresh jobs or staying employed; reduced advancement in the liberalization of community services such as postal services, power markets and transport; and shortfalls pertaining to the execution of internal markets (http://www. obsletter. org. nz/art/rifkin01. htm). Regarding absence of assurance, the reduced industry and consumer confidence rates result from: uncertainty pertaining to the additional stock markets progress; doubts regarding petroleum price developments; and constant debate regarding growth and stability agreement. Absence of economic progress and demand result from: great increases in share values , thus reducing the purchasing ability and creating losses for numerous firms; relatively high actual interest rates in comprising with economic dynamics as well as the productivity gap; large states have inadequate room for economic policy maneuvering because of elevated structural shortfalls; and increasing joblessness result to public income reduction plus public expenditure increases (UEAPME, 2002).

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The Performance Evaluation and Bonus

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of managing a company is to provide a performance evaluation technique that does not frighten employees. The fear in my organization, among those marginal performers, is that the evaluation may cause their being fired. â€Å"One of the most controversial tools for boosting performance is ranking employees and dismissing the laggards. Proponents argue that the practice stretches star employees†¦(Marchetti 2005 16). Those at the bottom of the performance scale tend not to be as motivated as they might be, simply because the fear of being poorly evaluated stifles their determination to improve. While there are many companies which automatically provide a cost of living raise to their employees (sometimes due to labor contracts), the idea of providing bonuses or merit awards also can cause some serious problems, and such â€Å"merit raises† often cause more conflict within a business than they solve in the way of increased productivity and/or efficiency. Here is one author's proof: â€Å"It's clear that employers' compensation systems aren't making the grade. Only 10 percent of organizations describe their merit pay programs as â€Å"very effective,† according to an employee attitude survey conducted in 2002 of 335 companies by Hay Insight (the research and survey arm of Philadelphia-based HR consulting firm The Hay Group), WorldatWork and Loyola University of Chicago† (Wells 2005 76). One problem with many businesses today is that management is too lenient, too worried about hurting someone's feelings. In today's competitive world, where every worker must pull his weight or make way for someone who can, such leniency may be costly. Wells (2005) suggests something called â€Å"tough love.†: â€Å"By contrast, adopting–and enforcing–the get-tough approach to merit pay has clear advantages: It doesn't waste increasingly precious salary-budget dollars, it sends the right message that improvement is imperative, and it doesn't fund under-performers at the expense of high-performing employees† (Wells 2005 78). In my particular organization, the idea of performance evaluation and some sort of bonus or merit award is now no longer strictly limited to the top performers. It is the middle level, what some tend to call â€Å"B performers† that have some stake in the company's bottom line. Again, here is some proof of that: â€Å"Midlevel performers thrive when they know they've got something to work toward–and you've got to give that to them. In fact, 52 percent of respondents who qualify for incentive programs at their companies–which typically reward the top 10 percent of workers–feel they have only somewhat or no chance of winning an award. This is far from motivating. ‘Your B-players have a significant effect on your bottom line,' says Rodger Stotz, vice president and managing consultant for Maritz Inc. ‘You'll always have a top five percent, but those rewards don't move the middle'† (Galea 2005 9). What is needed to ease the pain and strain of performance evaluation and resultant merit increases or bonuses is the fact that top management must now set specific targets and goals, by the month, by the quarter, by six months, annually, and even provides some projections for one, two and five years into the future. With such goals specifically outlined, employees- whether on a production line or white collar, now know exactly what is required of them. To make performance evaluation less painful; and more effective requires supervisors to keep track of performance of their section or departments, as well as individual employees. In this way, if someone falls short, there is an opportunity for a one-on-one discussion that may provide both a reason for such a shortfall and a means of improving performance. This personal oversight by supervisors can go a long way to eliminate the fear of being discharged as a marginal or low performer, and at the same time reward what Galea (2005) calls â€Å"B Performers.† Therefore, what will make performance evaluation and compensation tied to it far more effective in my company is to focus on these mid-=level performers as well as providing a means â€Å"up the ladder† for the marginal ones, knowing the top performers will always continue to shine. By also stressing teamwork, it becomes the responsibility of everyone within a section or department to make sure everyone contributes to reaching the goal.

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Richard the Third

Kameron Lopez Analysis Paper #2 Richard the Third February, 15tth Analyze the use of Christian allusions â€Å"Two drops of virtue for a Christian prince†¦Ã¢â‚¬  A prince of what exactly? That is a line said of Richard as he enters in Act 3 Scene 7. It was of course as Richard was standing in between two bishops pretending to be pious. He is more like a Christian prince of darkness, and he refers to himself as devil to state his mind. It can be said of Christian allusions in this text that Richard plays the part of the devil, the son, who fell from God’s grace and presence.He spends all of his time using others for his own gain and corrupting mankind. Queen Margaret has it right when she called him â€Å"Hell’s black intelligencer. † And he lives up to that title, more so that he ever lived up to the title of king. In his opening speech Richard is â€Å"determined to prove a villain. † Richard seems to be announcing that he has made a decision and i s committed to being bad. That may be true but there is another way to look at it. Richard could also be seen as being predetermined to be a villain.At that time, Christian people believed that God determines everything that's going to happen to a person and whether he or she will be saved from damnation. This idea was important in context of Shakespeare's England. Richard's use of the word â€Å"determined† is interesting because it implies two different possible meanings at once. First, Richard has decided of his own free will to be a villain or, second God has predetermined that Richard is going to be a villain and Richard has no control over the outcome.How we read this will determine on how we think about Richard and if he is a villain and evil by choice or if he has no control over the lengths he will go to get what he wants. We can then see how Richmond can be seen as the savior of this play. He is the only one that can defeat the evil Richard and take his rightful pla ce on the throne and begin to right all of the wrongs that happened by the hands of Richard. He puts an end to a war, he is forgiving to those whose fought against him and fled. That perfect, forgiving love can be seen as a savior, especially when compared to Richard’s villainThere is a sense of revelation going on throughout this play with the women characters, Queen Margaret especially. She hurls many curses at Richard throughout the play. â€Å"Cancel his bond of life, dear God, I plead. / That I may live and to say, ‘The dog is dead' When Margaret prays for Richard to be punished for his treachery, she asks God to intervene and cut Richard down. Later, when Richard is killed in battle, we get the sense that God has answered Margaret's plea and that Richard's death has come to pass because of God’s will.Lady Anne curses Richard over her husband’s grave and also curses the woman that would ever become his wife. She fulfills her own prophecy, her own rev elation. â€Å"And when thou wedd’st, let sorrow haunt thy bed†¦Ã¢â‚¬  As soon as she utters those words and allows herself to be woed in nearly the same breath, she succumbs to her own prophecy. As an audience, we know to take the curses, the prophecies seriously, because they all come to pass. Some of the characters seem to take them seriously, as in Christian traditions, and some do not and see them simply as mutterings from mad people, women specifically.Another allusion that can be seen in the text is how characters have a major part in their own destruction. They seem to be choosing the evil, the wrong despite the outcome, which will inevitably lead to their demise. Lady Anne and others are taken in by Richard’s charm and charisma and wit and choose not to see the evil and overlook the violence. In Christian religion, that is exactly how the devil works. â€Å"O that cunning plan of the evil one. O the vainness, and the frailties, and the foolishness of m en! How quick the characters are to recognize evil when they see it but are unable to resist being caught up in that same evil. That same relationship can almost be seen with the audience. We are so taken in my Richard’s presence that we find ourselves almost rooting for him, despite being shocked by him. That is how temptation seems to work. We are repulsed by something at first, can’t even imagine being involved in any way, and over time that same thing can become less repulsive and more intriguing.That fine line between falling into temptation and standing strong is even finer in this play, which rings true in real life. Good and evil, right and wrong, these are universal Christian ideals. And when evil looks so good, sounds so convincing, it is hard to say no even when we know it is wrong. That eternal struggle runs throughout this play and into everyday life, which is why it was so popular when it was first performed and why it is still popular today.

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Preparing and exam taking Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Preparing and exam taking - Research Paper Example Preparation for exams starts during the first class. The classes that the student attend, various contributions made in class by the students, and assignments that students complete will help in preparing for any questions that an examiner may set in the future (Kesselman-Turkel & Peterson, 2010). The semester involves the addition of information to a students’ knowledge base. Essay questions normally involve information that one may have found irrelevant during class, which could be used as a supporting point to the thesis. Students who are involved in class have to cram less than those who skip class. Students should also note the topics that the lecturer finds interesting. Not surprisingly, the specific topics noted make up a significant proportion of the exam that the lecturer administers (Kesselman-Turkel & Peterson, 2010). Thus, it is important to note the topics in which the lecturer spends more time discussing. This will aid students in remembering important highlights when preparing for an exam. The students should also keep their syllabus. Losing the course syllabus is a big mistake since it is an important paper. It aids the students in organizing the information that they take in and will give the students ideas regarding the topics that the exam will emphasize. The syllabus will also act as a guide when studying for the exam. The students should also add notes to the syllabus as the lessons progresses, circling themes, topics, and books that appear most likely to be contained within in the exam (Kesselman-Turkel & Peterson, 2010). In addition, participation in class is a good way of preparing for exams. It aids the students in being better acquainted with the course material, as well as letting the lecturer know the areas that students are interested while in class. Test grades seem to reflect one’s attendance in class and the

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Characteristics of Business Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Characteristics of Business Leadership - Essay Example In this context, the present study focuses on a highly popular business leader, Steven Jobs, the founder of Apple Computer Company and shall learn about his role and practices that he used in his leadership attributes in his company. Steven Jobs: The Initiation of His Leadership Skills in Business: Steven Paul Jobs, as now remembered as Steve Jobs, was a highly popular tycoon in the world of business proving to be a highly successful entrepreneur in the electronics and information technology industry. He has been part of several patents related to the invention and development of computer related products. Initially discussing about his business life, it was in 1977 that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak together presented their first microcomputer in the White House. It was named as Apple II and the entire marketing plan and decisions were undertaken by Jobs. By 1993, the sale of the product made the two inventors millionaires. Thereafter, Jobs continued with his newer inventions, as wel l as managing his Apple Company with due sincerity and leadership. When he realized that the company needed experienced administration, he involved John Sculley in the team of management (Biography of Steve Jobs and Timeline of Apple, 2011). In this context it can be understood that the business leader survived several challenges while he could reach to the level of success. Firstly, he was new in the market that represented the fear of not being recognized by consumers. Secondly, his product was associated with the IT thus there could only be certain sections of people who would be interested. Thirdly, the first microcomputer that they invented was meant for commercial purposes and for the mass. Thus lack of acceptance could pose severe threats to their career. However, although the above mentioned challenges existed, Jobs became successful and his Apple Company gradually proved to be a huge success. This in other words reflects on the efficient leadership and management style that Jobs presented in his work. Business Leadership of Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs was known for his autocratic style of leadership values. He used to remain personally involved in all the steps and measures undertaken for the objectives of his company. For his working team, he used to involve people who matched with his mindset and he was highly demanding. He did not love delegating authority to people and would rather get involved in person in every aspect of operation. Jobs was extremely serious with his work and loved his Company too much to even lessen his involvement while he was ill (Branson, 2011). Steve’s inventions were meant for the global markets and thus he had to encounter cultural differences as well. However, the success of the company represents that Steve had been capable of adjusting to the differences and marketing his products successful across the world. The primary reason behind his adjustment and success was his love and involvement for the technology that he worked on. Steve believed in thinking differently and had faith in the values and principles of the company that he never left behind. Compassion for his company allowed the business leader to stick to his views and policies and continue with delivering his products successfully in the global market as well as adjusting with different cultures across the world. He delivered his products not depending on the choices

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Wireless Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Wireless Technology - Essay Example Wireless technologies are becoming commonplace. Millions of individuals and businesses apply to the benefits of wireless technology, to raise the efficiency and productivity of their decisions. That wireless technology benefits businesses and improves their productivity is undeniable. Unfortunately, not all business owners are willing to accept and deploy effective wireless systems in their organizations. Wireless technologies speed up data transmission and are more secure compared with hardware wired mechanisms. The multitude of wireless technology standards makes it possible to find the best solution for each and every worker. The use of wireless technologies is particularly useful for the complex organizations, which comprise numerous departments and are being dispersed over a large territory: in this case, wireless technologies are the only possible way to improving interconnectedness and sharedness of knowledge and data between all levels of the organization’s performance . The current state of technology provides an extensive list of wireless technologies and standards, which facilitate the choice of the best wireless solution. The use of Wi-Fi, HomeRF and Bluetooth favor the implementation of wireless technologies in business and help businesses to meet their data transmission needs. â€Å"Wi-Fi is the most widely used wireless technology at present. It is an IEEE 802.11b wireless standard and can transmit data up to 11 Mbps† (Wells, 2009, p.81). The use of improved Wi-Fi versions is possible, too: for example, WiFi/g and WiFi5 exemplify a relatively new standard of connectivity and can transmit data at almost 54 Mbps (Wells, 2009). Apparently, there is no need to wait until wireless technologies â€Å"settle down†. They have already become an essential ingredient of daily business routine. Undoubtedly, wireless networks can enhance productivity and efficiency within organizations. This is, actually, one of the

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The Utilization of Tuscan Columns in the Coliseum in Rome Essay

The Utilization of Tuscan Columns in the Coliseum in Rome - Essay Example Apart from the brutal sport which was always staged by the Coliseum, the huge structure was the place for culture. The Roman high society exhibited their appreciation for the plebeian entertainment, while having brought their royal tradition amongst their peers. The patrician class, on the other hand, were the avid fans of their iconic gladiators whom they placed their bets upon. Aside from becoming a melting pot of the Roman society, the Coliseum was an architectural marvel. Its colossal image in the Roman urban setting was undefeated through time. Its intricate floor plan was deemed as an innovation of the classical era, an advanced structure ahead of its time. It was frequently compared by modern engineers and architects to the stadiums and arenas of today. This was in terms of organizational planning. Since the Coliseum had the capability to house thousands of individuals, it had to be constructed with respect to the manner of entry and exit of crowds at a single moment. The Coli seum was the first to bear such technical functions. In addition, having to bear such number of audiences, the Coliseum managed to separate the classes of the Roman society as per the seating placements within the arena. More importantly, the architectural design of the structure was an undeniable marvel for during its glory days. The series of arches and wall carvings were testament to the Roman classical art. What is interesting is the series of Tuscan columns prevalent in the entirety of the Coliseum. The Doric, Ionic and the Corinthian columns could be seen from the exterior to the interior of the structure. The prevalence of Roman columns is, indeed, a very interesting notion to look at. These columns have functional and implied meanings which pertain to their structural use and the message they convey to scholars of the Roman classical art. Thus, this research would focus entirely on the mentioned aspect: the use of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns in the Roman Coliseum . This research will first tackle a brief historical background to the structure in order to fully understand the context which it outlived. It will then establish a better understanding of the Tuscan columns, namely the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian, through historical analysis and interpretation. As for the conclusive part of the study, it will use the historical analysis of the Coliseum and the Tuscan columns in order to establish the relationship of both. Hence, the task of this study is to explain the use and presence of the mentioned columns in the Coliseum through a survey of historical contexts associated with the classical Roman period. For the purpose of this study, it will use a series of secondary sources and scholarly works in order to corroborate and prove the thesis of this research. A Brief Historical Narrative of the Coliseum in Rome By mere observation of the ruins which now lay at the heart of Rome, the Coliseum is deemed as one of the most treasured classical legac ies of the Roman period. The magnanimous and huge built of the structure was conclusive of its ambitious accomplishment of having been considered as the focal point of the urban Roman setting. From the origins of its name alone, the Coliseum can be derived from either the colossal traits that it had during its time or from the Colossus of Nero from which it copied its enormity, height and bulk. Even scholars of Roman history are

Fieldwork plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Fieldwork plan - Essay Example 2009: 73). The realm of civil society in Saudi was for long a neglected field and least studied have been conducted in this region among others of Middle East and GCC countries. Activists and intellectuals advocating for developments and reforms concerning human rights as social actors have gradually been effectively active since early 2000s. The increased advocacies on human rights have subsequently increased the space for people to pressure governments from bellow thereby representing a greater challenge (Alhargan, 2012). This PhD thesis aims to investigate the nature of civil society in Saudi Arabia and examines the suitability of the civil society theories and to what extent such theories can be applied to the Saudi context. Moreover, this research aims at determining whether the same theories should modify and develop to guide those who are interested in this field. Notably, this fieldwork aims at collecting primary qualitative data on civil society in Saudi Arabia. Such data will be collected in various forms and structures; furthermore, that data will contain depicting functions it performs, the influence it has upon the broad society and the ruling powers, and the effectiveness by which it discharges these functions. The fieldwork also aims to gather in-depth information about the role of the religious leadership in the development of civil society, and their influence on political authority. The research shall also obtain information about tribal regional and sectarian identities and their impact on civil society. Numerous studies have since concentrated on the relationship between civil society and religion. This has been so for long time particularly since the Roman Catholic Church concentrated its focus on marginalized areas and politically unstable regions. According to Alhargan, local actors advocating civil rights mainly arose from the religious establishment, unaffiliated government clerics, independent rights activists

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Comparing two non fiction texts (comparing two texts on travel) Coursework

Comparing two non fiction texts (comparing two texts on travel) - Coursework Example In the last paragraph, the author has posed a challenge to the coach operators to ensure the quality of services which are rendered at the hotels where the food and lodging is arranged. This clearly suggests that the author intends to warn the operators to be careful on their quality of service. However, the text also speaks to the tourists who are planning their holidays. By directly targeting the operators, the author is successful in communicating to a larger audience by advising them to make a smart choice. The author has creatively used a language which very much connects with people who travel. The author is thus assuming that the people reading it will readily understand this language. However, it must be noted here that the article has come up in a magazine exclusively catering for travelers and operators. As being a traveler himself, the attitude of a larger share of the audience is well understood by the author. This is evident in the interesting word choice of the author. The text largely influences both categories of the audience. It while on one side is urging the operators to be careful of their quality, on the other side it warns the travelers of inferior quality of service. The second text, which is an advertisement, intends to cater for fun loving travelers. The advertisement has very less text on it and is communicating to its audience through its vibrant colour and appearance. In that context, the layout of the advertisement has been successful in extending the desired message to the right audience. The target audience of the advertisement is clearly people who are looking for economy travel. The discounts which are being offered are prominently included on both sides of the brochure. The balloons included on the back cover would readily fetch the attention of the intended audience. The text included is aimed to persuade the target audience to avail the services on offer. The caption on the top of the page urges the reader to make use of the available holidays. Different from the first text, here is the reader is not being educated but is being influenced to travel in South Eastern Railway. The scope of entrainment in and around London is well portrayed in the brochure. The descriptions on different places included are also largely persuasive in nature. The author of the first text makes it clear that he is a person with lifelong interest in travel and businesses allied with it. He has stated that he is not an operator. These statements are helping to project the concern the author has towards the problems pointed out. This in turn makes the arguments of the author more legitimate. The article, through four different examples of quality issues in holiday by coach, is keen on suggesting the negative opinion towards the latest developments in the industry discusses. The author substantiates it by contrasting these developments with the pleasant past experiences. However, the author later in the article takes a balanced st and by putting the blame on the hoteliers and not fully on the operators. He even suggests that the quality issues exist even in cases where the operators are really good. The holistic perception that the author shares with the audience is an urgent need of quality check by the operators. Reading between the lines, the travelers are also warned to be careful of the lacunas mentioned. In the case of the