Friday, November 1, 2019

Discussion Board Post Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 13

Discussion Board Post Response - Essay Example t (2010), such behavior could have an indirect expense on the organization in terms of "Damaged team morale, lost opportunities to manage future-oriented projects, and increased incidence of disruptive behavior by organizational insiders and emotional costs" (p. 149). If feedback is not given to the primary care supervisor to help prevent such behavior, then other group members could be discouraged to be involved in other projects where the primary care supervisor is present. Hope, the example you gave is a classic representation of many workplaces. Bullying is prevalent in many organizations and if not addressed effectively, it could lead to decreased productivity. Effective relationships in the workplace are imperative as they contribute to improved job satisfaction, nurse retention, and also improved results in nursing practice (Barrett et-al, 2009). In reference to your example, favoring some employees could make other employees feel devalued and hence leave the organization. Failure to take action against bullying affects employees engagement and involvement in care practices. In other words, bullied employees are less likely to engage in teamwork for fear of being harassed. In my organization, policies have been implemented to ensure such cases are reported expeditiously and punitive actions taken against perpetrators. This helps prevent bullying and as a result, improved productivity has been

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