Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Comparison of International Marketing Strategies Dissertation

Comparison of International Marketing Strategies - Dissertation Example The company associates itself only with those who have the capability to deliver effective services in the cost-effective fashion. Nestle tries to put forward the benefits of nutrition and therefore the marketing strategies are based on demographics which present the transformation in standards of living. Both Nestle and Unilever tend to focus on the health and wellness. Unilever focuses on the actual needs of the consumers but Nestle spotlights the corporate wellness unit to offer valued food to all the consumers. It can be said that Nestle sheds more light on the ingredients of the products rather than targeting the consumers. The corporate wellness group of Nestle deals with the promotion of nutrition value across the globe. The strategy is to provide the consumers tasty foods with high nutritional value. Unilever sticks to the company profile and often take the action of eliminating products from the market if it does not do well but such actions are hard to find in Nestle. Nestl e involves in creating and enhancing the products of the company. The packaging systems followed by Nestle shares huge impact on the marketing. They offer user-friendly packaging techniques which keep the food preserved as well as make the package attractive. The â€Å"Nestle Nutritional compass† is labeled on each product which presents the nutritional value of the products. It shows the benefit of purchasing the product to the consumers (Shaw, and Onkvisit, 2009). It believes that only nutritional information is necessary but not sufficient. The compass consists of three elements- â€Å"Good to know†, â€Å"good to remember† and â€Å"good to talk†. The marketing strategies of Unilever varied only in the three year period of the 1950s to 1980s. During this period the company engaged itself on technological advancements, development of new products, targeting new global markets and maintained the quality of the products according to world’s standa rds.   

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