Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Wireless Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Wireless Technology - Essay Example Wireless technologies are becoming commonplace. Millions of individuals and businesses apply to the benefits of wireless technology, to raise the efficiency and productivity of their decisions. That wireless technology benefits businesses and improves their productivity is undeniable. Unfortunately, not all business owners are willing to accept and deploy effective wireless systems in their organizations. Wireless technologies speed up data transmission and are more secure compared with hardware wired mechanisms. The multitude of wireless technology standards makes it possible to find the best solution for each and every worker. The use of wireless technologies is particularly useful for the complex organizations, which comprise numerous departments and are being dispersed over a large territory: in this case, wireless technologies are the only possible way to improving interconnectedness and sharedness of knowledge and data between all levels of the organization’s performance . The current state of technology provides an extensive list of wireless technologies and standards, which facilitate the choice of the best wireless solution. The use of Wi-Fi, HomeRF and Bluetooth favor the implementation of wireless technologies in business and help businesses to meet their data transmission needs. â€Å"Wi-Fi is the most widely used wireless technology at present. It is an IEEE 802.11b wireless standard and can transmit data up to 11 Mbps† (Wells, 2009, p.81). The use of improved Wi-Fi versions is possible, too: for example, WiFi/g and WiFi5 exemplify a relatively new standard of connectivity and can transmit data at almost 54 Mbps (Wells, 2009). Apparently, there is no need to wait until wireless technologies â€Å"settle down†. They have already become an essential ingredient of daily business routine. Undoubtedly, wireless networks can enhance productivity and efficiency within organizations. This is, actually, one of the

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