Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Recycled Toothbrushes Make Sense Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Recycled Toothbrushes Make Sense - Essay Example The great advantage to Recycline is that they get raw materials for production at free cost in partnering with Stonyfield Farm. It is cost-effective and time saving as it eases the efforts made on collecting raw-materials through this partnership deal. An array of techniques can be applied for the sales promotion of these recycled products. In the current business scenario people are exceedingly influenced or affected by the power of advertisement. The celebrities appear in advertisements have an intangible influence on people as they attract public to the respective products. So deploying contemporary celebrities will certainly increase the sales. Announcing special offers on product sale is an emerging trend these days which Hudson can also implement as one of his marketing tactics. In addition to product offers, giving price reduction during special events can also promote sales at a considerable range. It is very difficult for a firm to withstand in the modern business world without being highly competitive. As the business trends change, business policies should also be changed. For this, entrepreneur must be up to date with appropriate strategies to meet the challenges of market fluctuations. Since consumer based marketing is the core of current businesses, the company can launch regional outlets in order to be available the products as and when required by consumers. House door delivery is also a suggestive method. The company can also make use of Information Technology to provide services to customers and collect feedbacks from them. At the same time company should maintain quality of the

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