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Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 4

Education - Essay Example After the final work, you will find the areas in your work I edited. The ideas I added are typed in RED to make you spot the new additions. I have also attached one more article that I used. If your teacher requests for it, you may provide it to him. Thank you and hoping we work again in the nearest future since my field is Education. Isaac #72032 TUI UNIVERSITY Grear Dale III MAE 515 MOD 3 SLP Dr. Xiaoying Wu February 21, 2011 Texas Public School System Education is an important aspect of society. In the view of Goer (2007), education has an enormous impact on the human society. It trains the human mind to think and take the right decision. To this effect, human is regarded as a rational being and distinguished from other animals when he is educated to take control of himself and over the environment around him. Education therefore equips humankind with the knowledge to take charge over his immediate environment and make it suitable for his existence. It is for the reason of this im mense impact of education that States all over the world adapt educational systems that will be most suitable to the needs of its citizens and help solve the immediate problems of its people. To ensure that the adapted educational system meets the expectation of society, there are systems put in place to check for success and progress of the entire educational system. Checking for success of the educational system includes checking whether the curriculum answers the most immediate perturbing issues of society and whether stakeholders in the educational system; including students and teachers are living up to the standards of the educational system. The system that is used for checking whether the educational system is up to standard is commonly referred to as assessment. In the State of Texas, the public school system is one of the most esteemed forms of education. Texas’ public school system continues to use a variety of assessments in which to evaluate curriculum and teache rs/instructors. Assessments are conducted by students in determining where their school ranks within districts throughout the state. The rankings are not always used in a positive manner. Some assessments are in an attempt to solicit student enrollment into certain school districts. The State of Texas’ overall intent for its ranking procedure and policies is also used to promote schools as Magnet schools, which is a positive step to improve student outcomes. Magnet schools throughout the state of Texas receive much more funding regular schools. It focuses on special funding for special programs and compensation to teachers/instructors who deliver their curriculum to a certain standard. It is noticeable that the typical standard school receives far less funding and therefore students are less likely to receive the same standard of education. The intent of this analysis is to compare certification programs and evaluation requirements for teachers as well as students within the state of Texas school districts. What is a Magnet School? The article â€Å"Public School Review,† suggest that the difference between a Magnet and regular public schools â€Å"is that they usually have something special to offer over a regular school, which makes attending Magnet schools an attractive choice to many students, thereby increasing the diversity of the student population within them.† (Chen, 2007) Students who are privileged to enroll in Magnet schools

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