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American Fashion returns to the classics :: essays research papers

American fashion returns to the classics 4th March 2005 Preppy, the classic American fashion that defined the 1980s, has become the look for spring 2005. Trend-right dressing will include turned-up collars, argyle socks, layered polos...and, of course, penny loafers. Bass introduced the first penny loafer in 1936, naming it the "Weejun" after its Norwegian origin. The style quickly became an American classic. Penny loafers evolved into a symbol of "cool" in the 1950's and 60's, and celebrities like James Dean and Steve McQueen were spotted wearing them. They were again elevated to a must-have in the 1980s, worn with white socks, during a resurgence of the preppy trend. Now that classic American style is again at the forefront of fashion, Bass has reintroduced its iconic Weejuns, with a modern twist. Instead of classic brown, the women's version now comes in a choice of pink, white or lime green! For men, Bass squared the toe for a dressier approach. The trend, sometimes called "preppy," is driven by a general agreement that people are tired of "grunge" looks. Instead, they are turning to the clean, crisp fashion of Polo shirts, slacks and pleated skirts - all of which are loafer-friendly. Spring's updated color palette of pink mixed with green and turquoise paired with white gives this classic style a fresh, modern appeal. Many high-end designers are capitalizing on this trend with their own versions of the penny loafer. Consistent with its heritage, authentic Bass penny loafers come with a realistic price tag - about $60 for women's and about $90 for men's. Bass penny loafers for both men and women are available at and Famous Footwear. While they come in an array of pastels for women, the classic browns, burgundy and black remain the colors for men. Brown Shoe is a $1.9 billion footwear company with worldwide operations. The Company operates the 900-store Famous Footwear chain, which sells brand name shoes for the family. It also operates 400 Naturalizer stores in the U.S. and Canada that sell the Naturalizer brand of shoes and accessories. Brown Shoe, through its Wholesale divisions, owns and markets leading footwear brands including Naturalizer, LifeStride, Connie and Buster Brown; it also markets licensed brands including Dr.

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