Thursday, October 3, 2019

Conservation vs. Preservation Essay Example for Free

Conservation vs. Preservation Essay To whom it may concern My name is Michelle lane I am writing this letter to share my thoughts about preserving the Bridger Teton. This big stretch of land has not been affected by human technology. It has been preserved in its natural state. It is important to us as human beings. This stretch of land has a lot of trees, wild animals, and wild vegetation that call this stretch of land home. We cannot disturb it in the name of progress. We need to make sure we preserve this land so it can flourish and remain the same, untouched by technology and humans who want to mine it for resources. I agree that we need resources to sustain our lives and how we live it, but there are other ways to do so. Understandably we do not want to rely on other countries to supply us with the resources that we need but if we need to understand that we cannot deplete all the land that we have available to us. We have to think of the future and what we are going to leave for the growing generation. Eventually we will use up all the resources that we have and we would have to rely on other countries to help us. Wouldn’t it be better that while we have available resource we find a better way of getting what we need without destroying valuable land? What we need to do is find other ways to make sure we sustain our life style. For now I believe we need to rely on other countries to meet our needs and while we are doing that we need to develop other ways or find other resources. Saving the Bridger Teton will ensure that the wild life, trees and vegetation that live there will continue to flourish, they will continue to grow hopefully our children and future generations will be able to benefit and be able to appreciate the land that we try so hard to protect. Maybe in the future there will be more lands like the Bridger Teton that was protected and saved so the future generations can benefit from it. Conservation versus Preservation: To whom it may concern, My name is Michelle lane I am writing this letter to share my thought about the Bridger Teton area. I think it is a big piece of land that can be put in  to use to help our nation. I believe that we need to make sure these lands are saved but I also believe that we can use some of this land to mine, plant on, or see if we can find oil. This will lessen our dependence from other countries. Imagine an America that does not rely on other countries for their oil or any other resources that we would need to live. Not only would we get it for a cheaper price but we can supply other countries with resources and we can be financialy indipendant as well. We can still save a part of the land for preservation for the wild life and vegetation, but we will benefit more by putting the land to use. We can first research the land to see if we can use the resources found in it for human use. The four steps that we are going to use for this hazard assessment is Hazard Identification, Dose-response assessment, exposure assessment, and risk characterization. We need to test the soil, vegetation, animals and water to make sure it is safe and there are no harmful bacteria living in the area that could harm humans. This kind of assessment will help us asses which areas are safe for human use and resource mining. The areas that we find that are not as safe or would not be beneficial should be preserved and let it stay the way it is for the future generations to enjoy. This a good way to have both world we have the lands we can use for gathering resources so we can be a more independent country and the lands we want to save for the future generations to enjoy. In the end I believe we will run out of resources and we will have to still rely on other countries to supply us with what we will need to sustain our daily lives and keep it the way it is. While we can we should try to supply our own resources. America is a big place there is room to preserve and also land that we can use to help us live independently.

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