Tuesday, October 8, 2019

An Investigation Into a Contemporay Health Issue Essay

An Investigation Into a Contemporay Health Issue - Essay Example The ‘Right to Die’ group argues that euthanasia is ethically wrong and is driven by some socio-ethical issues that are propagated by the society. Euthanasia is usually done on the critically ill, physically disabled and other people who are considered a burden to the society. The group cites that the debate on ethical implications of the process has a psychological effect on those who are targeted. This may affect and influence the affected to think in terms of euthanasia as the only way to become independent of their problems. While this may seem like voluntary euthanasia, although it has been aided by depression of the victim, the likelihood of people committing involuntary euthanasia in the future is very real. The argument countered fro by the proponents of Right to Life, questions the ethicality behind killing disabled people in the interests of the society. Governments have a duty to protect the fundamental human right to life, which will be seriously hindered by e uthanasia. The argument that people with disabilities are a burden to the society and should therefore have their lives terminated evokes a feeling of society riddled in unethical and immoral behaviors (Cauldwell, 2007). On the other hand, terminating someone’s life on the basis of incapacitation violates people’s right to life. The unethical nature of euthanasia has been experienced in many cases where people are killed through decisions taken by medical professionals and interested parties. If such a trend continues, the professional ethics and moral obligations will be eroded completely. The Futile-Care Theory and Health Rationing have been used to make euthanasia look ethical and moral. In some countries, healthcare professionals are prohibited from helping patients with certain levels of problems. While in other countries like Holland, euthanasia is legal. Even without the patients’ knowledge, the healthcare professionals result to euthanasia. This deprives people of their

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