Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Project Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Project Management - Assignment Example Department managers will directly report to the project manager. Hence, with reduced hierarchy the project will efficiently with no delays and increased cost due to extra reporting levels (Ingason and JÃ ³nasson, 59-69). The project manager directs all the activities and task for the overall project, acting as information central point for the subcontractors. After getting all the information of the project’s direction and tasks assistant manager divided the task and responsibilities among the functional managers. Assistant project manager works as chairman of steering committee and interacts with both functional managers and contractors. The functional managers receive the guidelines and task responsibilities from assistant manager. In actual the role of contract officer is to serve as a central point for all the cost and information of the contract. The military type manger has some special skills that differentiate its personality from other mangers. The military manager focuses on these factors: insist on clear communication and alignment, produce high performing teams, relaxed in continuously changing environments and hire the replacement and alternatives. If the hierarchy adapted military kind of approach then it would boost the competence of collaboration among the employees, it would give more effective and efficient tem work results and it would make the attitude of managers adjustable in the changing environment (Forbes). The division of work among many authorities increases the efficiency and accuracy of decision making. And with the involvement of two higher mangers makes the evaluation and monitoring activities better in results (Atkinson, 337-342). This hierarchy is difficult to implement in any industry because of its limitations regarding the delegation of authorities and responsibilities among the employees and

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