Thursday, October 10, 2019

Marine science Essay

5.Explain how a Harmful Algal Bloom can impact an ecosystem. The toxins can be spread throughout various organisms as of humans and the food chain. If the consistent blooms it can block the light from reaching into the water and it can cause many organisms dead. 6.Create a chart or Graph showing the estimated economic impact of HABs on the United States over three years. You may use any type of chart or graph you wish. If you need some help with charts or Graphs click on the Graphs and Chart Help below. You may use one for each year or include all three years on the same chart or graph. Based on the data what would you predict about the economic impacts in the years to come? 1.Name two types of sickness you can get from phytoplankton in Florida, and describe how you can get them. What symptoms led to the diagnosis of our patients? The two types of sickness are Lyngba and Karlodinium Veneficum. You can get lyngba when you swimming in the ocean and you can get karlodinum veneficum if you eaten a fish they have toxins in it. 2.Explain how an HAB outbreak can have a devastating economic impact? It reaches to tourism, public health, safety jobs, and coastal communities. It causes the beaches to be closed the fishing and shellfish to shut down. 3.Why do you think it can be difficult to determine the causes of HAB related illnesses and events? It can be very difficult because many of the symptoms are like every sickness which include sniffling, coughing, sneezing, and may be confused as a common cold or fever. 4.Summarize how the conditions found in the Gulf of Mexico contribute to the overgrowth of phytoplankton. Gulf of Mexico has over 40 kinds of toxic algae and since people still eat the fish it contribute to the overgrowth.

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